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Let Freeman Signs bring your brand to life and create a sign that will convey to the public that you operate a legitimate business and take quality seriously!

Monument signs are freestanding signs under 10' have a solid base of brick, stone or aluminum.

Pan Channel Letters are individual letters constructed of painted aluminum with internal LED illumination. These letters have translucent acrylic faces that can be produced in any color. They can also be manufactured with halo illumination to achieve dual color emission- one color for the face and a contrasting color for the halo.

Reverse Pan Channel Letters are constructed of painted aluminum and have internal LED illumination that casts only a halo light.

Routed and Backed signs have a painted aluminum face with routed graphics backed with acrylic. Internal illumination allows only the letters and graphics to illuminate.

Push Through signs have a routed aluminum face with acrylic shapes that push out through the surface to create a dimensional effect. Internal illumination is the sign allows these letters to cast a halo light.

Flat Cut Outs or FCO's are individual letters manufactured of aluminum or acrylic. These letters can be flush mounted to a surface or pin mounted on standoffs to create a a more dimensional effect. Perfect for interior office walls where no illumination is required but they can also be externally illuminated with spot lights.

3D Routed Urathane is a product that allows us to manufacture custom shapes and displays that are suitable for long term exterior use. Using this product, along with custom paint, allows the creation any type of finish or wood grain that will hold up to weather extremes.

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Upgrade your fuel pricing panels from outdated manual number panels to a bright digital display! Programming options can range from automatic updates sync'd with your POS, computer controlled program or even the ability to change your pricing using your smart phone!

Pylon or Pole Signs are typically freestanding signs over 10' in height and have a solid base of brick, stone or aluminum.

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If you have an existing sign with good structure that has become outdated or weathered over the years, we can give you an new updated look while incorporating state of the art materials and energy efficient lighting.

Great option for business located in an area that relies on foot traffic. They are double faced and can be viewed from 2 sides, internally or externally illuminated.

Wall sign options can range from non-illuminated lettering/graphics with or without external lighting, internally illuminated cabinet signs in any configuration, or custom dimensional illuminated displays.

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